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Jimi Ogunnusi CMgr, FCMI – The Passionate Remolder

The Brexit Party is delighted to announce that Jimi Ogunnusi is our Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the city of Bath.

“It is an honour and privilege to have the opportunity to represent the great city of Bath – a place I love and the best city to live, work, and raise a family. During my international travels, especially in other Commonwealth countries, people and businesses talk very highly of Bath, whether they have either visited it or would love to visit in the future”.

Jimi is a University lecturer, a hybrid management consultant and an entrepreneur, all rolled into one. He is a Chartered Manager and Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), and is passionate to use his expertise, experience and vision in advancing and improving not just the City of Bath for all her citizens, but help in any way he can the wider country, as he has seen at first-hand what happens to a country when democracy is taken for granted…

In his capacity as a University Lecturer, he subscribes to the notion that ‘knowledge is power’. In his own words he states – “we all have the power to increase our knowledge. Our increased knowledge will give us the power to be better leaders and managers, whether it is managers of resources or leaders of our own destinies”.

“From experience of my own birth country, I know what it’s like to be governed by and subservient to an unelected body. I know what is like to live under a false illusion of democracy. The greatest gift we can leave the next generation is not money, nor status, but a genuine democracy answerable to its people, and acting on the people’s instructions. Trust in our democracy is paramount. The alternative is opening Pandora’s box – leading to the breakdown of our respected systems and structures. We must respect the result of the referendum, there is no moral nor democratic alternative. David Cameron our then Prime Minister said, and it was understood equally by all…” the referendum will be the final decision. When the British people speak, their voice will be respected, not ignored. There will not be another renegotiation or another referendum.”

It’s as stark as democracy or the beginning of chaos.

Bath is now my home city and of course it does have its challenges! With vision, leadership and hands-on expertise in solving complex problems, working with other leaders and representatives, and the people of Bath directly, we can overcome these issues and bring even more prosperity and greatness to this our great historic wonderful city.
Please be in no doubt, the next general election won’t simply be based on local issues. It will be a battle for the soul and independence of our United Kingdom.

Do we want to regain our country, our independence, and our self-respect?
Do we want to be amalgamated into a federal empire called the European Union?
Do we want to restore trust in politics and our elected politicians?
Do we want to regain the respect in the ‘mother of all parliaments’ – in the UK and abroad?

The next phase of the Brexit journey will require competence and an unwavering belief in our absolute independence and sovereignty. Unreservedly, I bring these qualities and passion to the Brexit Party, along with a wealth of global experience and business expertise.

Jimi’s personal ethos and commitment to the people of Bath is – ‘My word is my bond; my integrity is my currency; my passion and vision are my assets’.

Endorsement from Ann Widdecombe MEP

‘As someone who was born in Bath and went to school there, was involved with the Back to Bath campaign and who has spoken numerous times to various Bath organisations, I hold the city in great affection. I know that Jimi Ogunnusi will be an excellent campaigner for the constituency, and I congratulate him on his selection as the prospective Brexit Party candidate at the next general election’.

Jimi will never give up the fight to ensure that the result of the 2016 referendum is upheld and as a professional motivator he will pursue the interests of the city and its residents with both vigour and rigour. I look forward to the day when he takes his seat at Westminster.

Endorsement from Christina Jordan MEP

‘I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with Mr Jimi Ogunnusi. Jimi is a valuable member of The Brexit Party and provides a wealth of inspirational and leadership skills. His unique ability to present complex issues in a simplified way is just one of the many assets Jimi brings to party, country and now the people of Bath. His tenacity in getting the best out from people will ensure they reach their true potential irrespective of the obstacles in their way. I am delighted to support and endorse Jimi Ogunnusi as The Brexit Party PPC for Bath’.

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