You may not shout the loudest, but I promise you will be heard.


Patriotism and independence makes us stronger, not weaker.


and We – the British people, are the masters of our own destiny.

My Story

Jimi Ogunnusi CMgr, FCMI – The Passionate Remolder

The Brexit Party is delighted to announce that Jimi Ogunnusi is our Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the city of Bath.

“It is an honour and privilege to have the opportunity to represent the great city of Bath – a place I love and the best city to live, work, and raise a family. During my international travels, especially in other Commonwealth countries, people and businesses talk very highly of Bath, whether they have either visited it or would love to visit in the future”.

Jimi is a University lecturer, a hybrid management consultant and an entrepreneur, all rolled into one. He is a Chartered Manager and Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), and is passionate to use his expertise, experience and vision in advancing and improving not just the City of Bath for all her citizens, but help in any way he can the wider country, as he has seen at first-hand what happens to a country when democracy is taken for granted…

In his capacity as a University Lecturer, he subscribes to the notion that ‘knowledge is power’. In his own words he states – “we all have the power to increase our knowledge. Our increased knowledge will give us the power to be better leaders and managers, whether it is managers of resources or leaders of our own destinies”.

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